28 is a horse of a different color.

I never thought much about my late twenties before I hit them. I’m pretty sure I just figured I would be an adult by now and that I would have most everything figured out, like the things on this list:

  • Have an awesome kick ass career in the writing and/or travel world.
  • Live in a rad apartment, preferable in NYC or something equally fitting.
  • Be the owner of a sweet grad degree (that’s actually paying off).
  • Love and be loved by someone spectacular; rings not necessary.
  • Figure out if the “biological clock” stuff everyone’s been shoving down my throat will finally kick in.
  • Actually drive a decent vehicle (or at least learn to ride a bike).
  • Publish a novel or short story collection; prove you can actually write something worth a damn.

Instead, life’s curve balls have left me in kind of a daze – and i’m unsure of how quickly i’ll grab hold of the reigns again. See, this is how it really is:

  • I’m unemployed, save for the occasional freelance article.
  • We have an apartment in Sanford, FL which is more suburban than the suburban Kendall, FL i’ve been trying to escape for years now. And we might be moving back to Miami. Or we might not. It’s all up in the air…
  • I owe Sallie Mae my kidneys and all my children from here on out so I don’t know when i’ll get to go back to college.
  • I got married (whoa! I know, I know) to my wonderful husband John nearly two months ago. He’s what keeps me going lately. This is especially true because…
  • A bit over a week ago, I gave birth to our first daughter – Margaret Hope Blossom. It was the single most incredible moment of my life to date; the greatest joy i’ve ever been fortunate enough to experience. Sadly, she came very early and only lived for 8 hours. Life can be incredibly devastating at times. I never knew i’d want children until I was finally having one. We plan to grow our family in the future and dream of someday living in a house full of kids.
  • My car (I feel strange following up what I just said with remarks about my car but here we go) is a piece of crap. We’re looking into trading both our cars in for something reliable. I’m eyeing a Jeep Wrangler.
  • My laptop full of stories both half written and complete was stolen from my car last April. My heart’s been pretty heavy about it since, but I know I need to write again. This blog might help.

In the coming weeks, i’ll be making a lot of changes. This, well… this is just for now.


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