Feeling like the caged bird?











Some mornings, you will wake up not because you want to, but because you have to. Someone will have control over how much sleep you get every night. Your income will dictate what you have for breakfast, if you have breakfast. The others out there, the ones like you, or the ones employed to keep you at bay, will control how quickly you can speed down the highway to work, or they will get in your way as your rush to get the next bus or train, or you will simply be left to your own devices at home, because that is controlled too. Walls and doors and windows and cubicles and bars ad screens, all the screens, including the one you’re reading now, have become the cages around all of us. But freedom is important. Choice is important. Your beaks are capable of picking locks and you know those wings are dying to stretch out.

Be free today. Be free.


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