An Open Letter to Katie Holmes

Dear Katie,

Why is it that everyone hates on you? I’ve never really understood it. I watched you on Dawson’s Creek like everyone else my age and although maybe I hated on you at the time (cause it was the cool thing to do), I never truly hated you. Your character on the show, Joey Potter, was smart and confused, like every other teenager I’ve ever known. Sure, the writing was a little over the top, but it wasn’t only your character using SAT words every two seconds, so why was it that you were targeted?

So maybe Disturbing Behavior wasn’t exactly Oscar-worthy, and maybe First Daughter didn’t change anyone’s life for the better. But who cares? It’s never really your acting abilities that people target anyway. Frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever been given a reason as to why you are hated, but I hear it all the time. I remember when you were chosen to play Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins. Oh, the eye rolls and heavy sighs! The fanboys (and girls) all came out to hate on you. And unlike other actors who were originally thought to be bad choices for the Batman movies but then became well beloved, your role is probably the most forgettable out of all the characters in all of Christopher Nolan‘s bat-films. Even Maggie Gyllenhaal was somewhat more beloved in the part when she replaced you in the second film. But I digress…

Maybe the real hating came once you shacked up with Mr. Cruise. Maybe that’s what bothers people more than anything. My thoughts on that are – why the hell do people care about an actresses personal life that much anyway? It’s one thing to dislike an actor for being a racist prick; it’s quite another to berate them for their personal relationship choices. Sure, you got hitched quick and Suri came soon after. But so what? And yes, you did end up getting sucked in to Scientology for a while. But considering they basically own Tom (or Tom owns them, I forget which), it’s not exactly a surprise. And now that you’re not together anymore, I don’t see people jumping on a We Love Katie bandwagon, so maybe it’s got nothing to do with Crazy Tom.

I guess in the end, us non-celebrities need to find someone to rag on. In my generation, you are definitely one of them. But I know that deep down, there’s something more to you than your poor choice in roles and crooked smile (which I will defend to the end since mine is just as crooked). I watch Piece of April every Thanksgiving and wonder: why isn’t Katie doing more movies like this? Stellar cast, great music, fantastically touching plot.


There is more to you than meets the eye (besides your pretty rad mother/daughter fashion choices – kudos on that), Katie! Please redeem yourself so that I am no longer in the lone Katie Holmes Ain’t So Bad club.

I’m really considering watching The Kennedys, so please don’t let me down.





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