There’s A Song For That: Atmosphere – Freefallin’


When you get home aggravated because you life is in shambles. When you’re sick of working hard and getting nothing in return. When you’re done with the misunderstandings and the bullshit and you just want shit to get easier, to get better. When you’ve barely slept and haven’t ate. When your bones ache even though you’ve barely moved, and then you realize that’s probably why. When your bank account just can’t ever seem to catch up, and you’ve already stopped drinking and having a social life. When you’ve got a relationship to fight for, when you’ve got people you love but you just don’t understand, or they don’t get you. When daily fights seem unavoidable. When your stomach twists in knots because there’s just more stress to be had. When your house is a mess no matter how often you clean it, because there’s always garbage piling up. When you do your best to pretend that you’re a clown because no one wants to be with someone that’s bitching and whining all the goddamn time. When you’re just fucking tired.

There’s a song for that. No, there’s an Atmosphere song for that.

Atmosphere – Freefallin’ – YouTube.

Thanks, Slug.


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