River Life, California Dreamin’ and Introducing the Happy Hollows

Epic mountains and deep cliffs. Chilly, Pacific waves. The most gigantic trees I’ve ever seen. Weather so perfect you’ll never see a frizzy hair day again (I can’t be alone on this…). A place where vegetarians aren’t expected to live off the fast food salad option. Ansel Adams. Harvey Milk. The Mamas and the Papas. Kerouac went there. And now, so am I.

It’s been years since I set foot on the West Coast. I was 21 the last time I found myself in California, and life was much, much different. But in three weeks, J.B. and I will be officially setting foot in San Francisco. Our first visit to the home of Full House, this will also be J.B.’s first time on the West. There are a million and one things I want to do while we’re there: go to the North Beach area and check out City Lights Books and all those old hangouts of Ginsberg and Kerouac and the rest, visit the California Academy of Sciences where I can explore a rainforest and learn about the universe and see dinosaur bones all in one trip, the Golden Gate Bridge-beautiful and also one of the most popular suicide spots in the world. We’ll be going to a Giants game (at J.B.’s request) and hopefully hitting up the Mission and the Castro and Chinatown and other neat little neighborhoods. But I think the part of our adventure I’m most excited about is driving down to Big Sur. Considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, Big Sur doesn’t appear to have a bad view in site. Beaches, Redwood forests, breathtaking cliffs. I mean, just look:

Bixby Bridge – Taken from Wikimedia Commons

You know you want to drive down that road. And that’s what we’re going to do. Well, still need to rent the car but we’ve got a nice, little room just 10 minutes away from Pfeiffer Beach, which apparently has, among other things, purple sand. Check it:

pfeiffer beach
Taken from Flickr.com: kptripathi.

And I should have a new phone/camera (possibly the Nokia Lumia 928 – I’ve never had a smart phone before and it seems to be the one with the best camera) by then which will be essential in documenting at least some of this trip (I’m still pretty miffed at the asshole that stole my laptop last year…). Oh, and did I mention this will by 4th of July weekend? So we’re kinda hoping for something a little like this for our Independence Day:

Taken from allsparkfireworks.com
Taken from allsparkfireworks.com


Things, despite the bad moments, are on the up and up. J.B. and I have finally moved in to our new little place on the Miami River. We watch gigantic boats float a few meters away, driven by little tug boats on either end. And on Friday nights, since we’ve got a view of Downtown and the Marlins’ Stadium, we get to watch fireworks whenever there’s a home game. It’s these little things that remind me there’s still some magic left in the world. With everything we’ve lost this year, there’s no choice but to keep going. It helps when you finally start noticing the good in things-the sparkle, the shimmer, the hope.

Finally, I leave you with this new find-The Happy Hollows from Los Angeles, California. If you’re on the West Coast, check out one of their upcoming tour dates!


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