September 5th

Let’s take a quick trip in history…

1914: Babe Ruth hit his first home run in the International League, and would eventually become one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Thanks to him, they made The SandlotIt would become a hit with me and every other kid born around the same time.

1939: The U.S. proclaims neutrality in World War II. That obviously didn’t stick. And now we’re on the eve of a potential new war, or “conflict” anyway, with Syria. Guess we’ll see how that pans out…

1957: Jack Kerouac finally publishes “On The Road”. I keep reading it in parts but have never finished. I did, however, finish Dharma Bums, which I thought was quite good. A traveller-Twitter friend of mine would later call me a Kerouette Traveler in later years, while I was traipsing around aimlessly about the United States. I think I’ll finally finish the book this year.

1972: Palestinian terrorists attack the Israeli Olympic team at the summer games in Munich. Spielberg would later make a movie about this, and it was pretty good.

1984: Space Shuttle Discovery lands after its maiden voyage.

1986: Dire Straits‘ “Money For Nothing” wins Best Music Video at the MTV Music Awards (back when MTV didn’t suck so bad). I would hate this song growing up and finally enjoy the beat as an adult, making me realize I am finally getting “old.”

1997: Mother Teresa dies in Calcutta. She was one of my idols growing up, and actually still is.

Also, director Werner Herzog turns 71 today. Michael Keaton (“Beetlejuice”) turns 62. Freddie Mercury also would be having a birthday today.

And it’s my birthday, so happy birthday to me. Here’s a picture of elephants with a cake. Let’s celebrate!



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