10 Devilishly Delightful Halloween Cartoons

Witch Hazel changed

Hello, ghouls and gals! It’s Halloween once again and as I’m unable to go out and celebrate in the usual ways, I’ve spent my day catching up with old Halloween specials thanks to the internet. Here are a few of my Halloween cartoons (full versions and some shortened clips when I couldn’t find them) for you to enjoy for tonight 🙂

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

I started the morning watching this in its’ entirety. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a full-version online (you may want to torrent this), but here’s a short clip of what is certainly the quintessential Halloween cartoon! Tell me I’m not the only one writing a letter to the Great Pumpkin tonight?

Animaniacs: Halloween Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea, Bad Idea is a super short skit that used to run in the 90’s cartoon Animaniacs. This show was awesome and featured other shorts like Katy Kaboom and Slappy the Squirrel and Pinky and the Brain. Here’s a short Halloween-related clip.

Silly Symphony: The Skeleton Dance

This one is a classic from the late 1920’s I must’ve seen a bunch of time growing up. It’s cute. It’s got skeletons. Just go ahead and watch!

Donald Duck’s Trick Or Treat

So, Donald’s being kind of a jerk here (when is he not?), tricking all the treaters, including Huey, Dewey and Louie. But he definitely doesn’t get away with it. Hilarity ensues.

The Rugrats Halloween Special


I couldn’t find this on YouTube but I did find the full version online elsewhere! Click the link to watch 😀 !! It’s the original special, including the episode where the Pickles have built a Haunted House for the neighborhood kids and the babies are dying for some Reptar Bars!


Disney’s Halloween Treat

This is kind of a mish-mash of the “scary” parts of different Disney movies including 101 Dalmations, The Sword in the Stone and others, ending with most of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It’s cute, definitely good for kids.

Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

Alright, so there are way, way too many Simpsons Halloween specials to post clips from all of them here. Instead, I’m only posting the intro Guillermo del Toro made for the most recent episode (which I have yet to see, sadly). The intro’s pretty neat, but if you want to see more clips from the Treehouse series, I’d suggest this blog post on DigitalSpy.com for some of the most memorable highlights.

Winnie the Pooh’s Halloween Stories

I wasn’t a huge Winnie the Pooh fan growing up, but I appreciated it and YouTube just so happens to have the full Halloween special here, so I figured it’s worth posting for those who are bigger fans of that honey-lovin’ teddy.

Garfield’s Halloween Special

This is a compilation of someone’s favorite moments from the Garfield Halloween special. Garfield was a pretty rad cat. Loved lasagna and sleeping and apparently candy as well. I can relate.

Dr. Seuss’ Halloween Is Grinch Night

I actually don’t believe I’ve ever seen this one, but I love Dr. Seuss and not a year goes by I don’t watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas, so I figured this was worth a shot! Was this part of your Halloween-viewing as a kid?

Bonus: The Muppets: Cårven Der Pümpkîn

Alright, this isn’t exactly a cartoon, but who doesn’t love the Swedish Chef?!


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