Hello, World! I’m Back.

It’s been well over a year since I last updated this blog. I moved on to a different blog for a while, took on some freelance gigs, had a baby, lived life.

Now I’m back and want to start blogging on the regular here.

What’s going on these days?

Lately, it’s a lot of taking care of Willy B (my wonderful, beautiful, super cool son), yoga when I can squeeze it in, walking (1-2 miles daily, which for me is fairly impressive), writing (two novels, plus articles for USA Today’s 10Best website, random bits of short stories, and now, the blog), chatting with my husband, and figuring out how the hell to make more money (always important!). In the resurrection of this blog, I’ll be writing about all the aforementioned topics, plus some of my guiltier pleasures (i.e. the upcoming seasons of Mad Men and Game of Thrones) and general interests (writing, feminism, music, beer, the few Netflix movies I ever get to watch, being a mom— and more specifically being a loss mom, travel–because man, I miss traveling), and any other random thing that pops into my head.

If that’s your cup of tea (oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to incorporate more tea in my life so maybe I’ll write about that), feel free to follow along, subscribe, bookmark, whatever.

Keep on keepin’ on,



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