Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few years, you know it was only a matter of time before Hillary Clinton would announce her candidacy for POTUS.

The former First Lady and accomplished Senator announced on Sunday that she would, in her words, become our next “champion.”

It’s probably no coincidence that Hillary chose these specific words. The season premiere of Game of Thrones airs tonight and if there’s one thing GoT fans know about, it’s the need for a good champion to fight your battles. A good champion saved Tyrion Lannister at least once and a good champion can be all the difference between justice and death.

Maybe Hillary was letting us know she’s another GoT fan. Maybe her PR people knew we’d all have GoT on our minds tonight and that we’d relate to any candidate who would be glued to their TV tonight as well. Or maybe it really was pure coincidence.

Regardless, the thought of finding a candidate we can stand behind, one who would fight our battles for equality, to help the average American as we continue to struggle out of the debt and circumstances of the recent economic recession, to bring to justice those who have wronged us (because #blacklivesmatter, #marriageequality and #thisiswhyweneedfeminism aren’t just passing social media fads, but rather important social movements), and to bring about the kind of change we were psyched about during Obama’s first run for presidency (when “Yes We Can!” became our mantra, but then we became complacent and expected the president to lead all change when it was always up to us) is obviously appealing to many. Add a GoT reference and you can be sure she’ll be the champion many request.

Rest assured it will be a very interesting campaign and a historic moment should she become the first woman president.


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