20 Things We’d Rather See on Game of Thrones Than More Rape

Spoiler Alert: Discussions of last week’s episode, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” and everything prior to that.

It’s Sunday, the day of rest for some and for the rest of us, the day of more Game of Thrones. And while many of us are excited (as always) to find out what’s happening with our beloved Starks (or what’s left of them) and our less beloved Lannisters (except of course for Tyrion because he’s a badass), there is one thing I think many of us are hoping to avoid: yet another rape scene.

After last week’s unfortunate rape of the long suffering Sansa Stark by the disgusting monster known as Ramsay Bolton, the Internet was pretty pissed. And rightfully so. While I have not read the books myself, I have found out from those who have that Sansa’s rape never even happened (granted, there was actually another character who was tortured in her stead,  but that’s another matter). 

In fact, some GoT readers claim that many of the other rapes on the show (that are forever seared into our brains due to the graphic and uncomfortable nature of these scenes) never even happened in the books.

The argument here isn’t even entirely against depictions of rape (though mainly, yes) but the way in which said rape is depicted. Sansa marrying Ramsay–well, I think we all imagined she would indeed be raped and put through various tortures, especially after all the awful scenes with Theon/Reek (scenes which I also believed were well over-the-top and unnecessarily graphic). Regardless, by now I think we all know how grotesque Ramsay is. Why the need to leave us all feeling even more gutted by showing the debasement of an already suffering Stansa? Anyway, I’ll leave that one for other critics to keep mulling over.

I don’t intend to stop watching the show or writing about it (it still has some of the most well-written and complex female characters out there and I can’t give up until I see winter finally show up). Instead, I’ll simply write this list of all the awesome things we’d probably all much rather see than Sansa getting raped again (cause seriously, we JUST saw it happen so I’m begging you not to show it again this episode). 

Here are twenty (not one, not five, but TWENTY) things we’d all rather see than another horrible, graphic rape on the show: 

  1. Arya Becoming Someone Else: As was hinted in the last episode. So psyched for this.   Perhaps this is what was meant, though?
  2. Tyrion Finally Getting Some Wine: The poor guy has been through enough being held under wraps, then captured, then almost killed by Stonemen, and now captured again. Give this man a drink!
  3. Tommen Finally Growing A Pair: Seriously, I don’t know if it happens in the books but if Tommen doesn’t start acting like a King soon, I’m going to lose my shit.
  4. Jon Snow Being a Badass: He’s got it in him but only brings it out on special occasions. More of those, please.
  5. Brienne Kicking Some Ass En Route To Winterfell: Brienne is seriously one of my favorites and I love her more with every scene she’s in.
  6. More Gilly and Sam: They’re just cute together. 
  7. Danearys Releasing Her Dragons: !!!!!!!
  8. More Funny Conversations Between Brienne and Pod: This duo is the best. More so than Jamie and Bronn.
  9. Someone Else Tells Jon Snow He Knows Nothing   
  10. Jon Snow Finds Out His Siblings Are Alive: I forget which ones he’s heard about and which he doesn’t but in my heart I am hoping he finds a way to be reunited with them eventually.
  11. Another White Walker appearance: They gotta be out there still, don’t they?   
  12. Speaking Of Which, What About That White Walker Baby From Last Season?!
  13. Jorah Uses His Newly Infected Status To Turn His Captors Into Stonemen As Well
  14. But Also, Jorah Finds A Cure So He Doesn’t Become A Stoneman: Please?  
  15. Margery And Cersei Duke It Out: Seriously, someone needs to take down Cersei already.
  16. Something More Interesting Happening In Dorne: This subplot is kind of a snore. Was hoping for more out of Ellaria and Oberyn’s daughters seeking revenge but looks like they already put a pin in that one.
  17. Hodor!!!!!: I know he won’t be on this season but I miss that entire story arc. Mostly Hodor.
  18. Danaerys Gets Revenge And Destroys the Sons of the Harpy   She’s been too soft this seas one. We need the old Khaleesi stat.
  19. Stannis Finally Taking Down The Boltons: This has to happen, if only for Sansa’s sake.
  20. Finally Finding Out The Identity of Jon Snow’s Mother: WHO IS SHE?!
  21. Winter Finally Comes: But I’m assuming that’s when the show will end.

One thought on “20 Things We’d Rather See on Game of Thrones Than More Rape

  1. My husband and I have talked about the rape thing pretty extensively (that’s what happens when one of you (me) did a huge research project on rape culture and has experienced that in real life) and it’s probably a huge understatement to say this one is a toughie.

    Someone actually did a statistical analysis of rape in the books vs. the show (http://io9.com/someone-has-done-a-statistical-analysis-of-rape-in-game-1707037159) and there is 4 times the rape in the books than in the show. I would say that’s pretty significant!

    He and I agree (grudgingly, on my part) that with numbers like that, if you want to convey that rape is a huge problem in this universe without showing someone getting raped every 30 seconds you have to make the situations where it does happen significantly more terrible.

    Ultimately, I guess I am glad they pare down the sexual violence in the show. But I wish it didn’t happen at all.


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