Stick It, Reporters: Riley Curry Is My NBA MVP


Anyone that knows me knows I’m not a huge sports fan, but I do tend to enjoy the NBA Finals (especially when the Heat are in). Sadly, they didn’t make it this year, and, while I’m not exactly holding a grudge, I am definitely rooting for Golden State (hey, I like the Bay Area…has nothing to do with Lebron having left us to go back home to Cleveland! Really…).

But there’s one more reason to keep our eye on GSW and Steph Curry in particular: his adorable daughter, Riley. Apparently Curry caught some flack recently when he decided to bring his daughter with him during a post-game interview. He caught so much flack, in fact, that he decided to do it again.

Now, my theory is that anyone getting up in arms about this either a) has no kids or b) is a lousy parent. After watching both interviews, at no point does she ever become so disruptive that reporters can’t ask questions. And any reporters that do get swayed by the shenanigans of a two-year-old are amateurs in my book (how do these people carry on in life during any other interruptions?) Curry successfully and succinctly answers all the questions that were asked of him at these press conferences while maintaining his cool all the while having his rambunctious toddler act in true toddler fashion. He has very obviously perfected the art of Parental Multitasking.

Parental Multitasking is a gift we all learn or else we’ll never again hold conversations with other adults. It means tuning out the random noises and squeals and squeaks coming out of your child while still keeping an ear out for important sounds, like ones that alert you to your kid climbing the stairs unattended or getting ready to jump off something they shouldn’t. It means shielding them from your vision so you’re still able to more or less maintain eye-contact with the other human who is closer to you in height and age while still staying vigilant in case your rugrat is about to stick their finger in a socket or throw your iPhone against a window.

If Game 1 is any indication of the playoffs this year, it’s going to be a blast to watch. But it’ll be even greater if throughout it all, we get more toddler-bombed interviews and Vines like this one from earlier tonight:

Too damn cute.


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