Willy Walks: Positivity Breeds Positivity

During yesterday’s walk, I came across a piece of white chalk lying lonely on the sidewalk. From the faded drawings that remained nearby, I figured it m had been forgotten by some child in the neighborhood. I was just about to continue on my way when I decided instead to crouch down and start writing. It’s been years since I’ve used sidewalk chalk and part of me felt a bit self conscious that some 8-year-old kid would be running out of their houseto reclaim what was theirs once they noticed me. I decided to write the very first thing that came to mind:


It was a simple message I wanted to share with whoever might walk by there next. I love finding positive messages in unexpected places, so I figured it might just make someone else’s day. 

When I walked by again today, my message was still prominently displayed on the ground, the white chalk just off to the side in the grass. I decided to pick it up again and write a new message:

By now, I was beginning to feel like Charlotte the spider (you know… “Some Pig”), but that didnt stop me. There’s something to be said about being positive and spreading positivity. I’ve often wrestled with the demons of negative thought and am tired of that dance. I see so many others out there who go out of their way to smile or lend a hand or give praise or make a joke. Anything to bring something positive to the world around them. 

Sidewalk chalk messages may not be much, but then again, they might make someone’s day.


One thought on “Willy Walks: Positivity Breeds Positivity

  1. I love this! It would definitely make my day to come across a happy message like this. Spreading positivity rules! 🙂 I’ll bet someone is out there waiting for your next message!


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