The Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Trailer Is The Best Thing You’ll See This Fourth of July

Many of us (over the age of 25) recall the cult comedy of the early 2000s,  Wet Hot American Summer. Featuring an all-star cast, including 90s alt-babe Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce (of Frasier fame), Law and Order: SVU‘s own Christopher Meloni, Paul Rudd (post-Clueless but just before Anchorman), Amy Poehler (before Parks and Rec) and Bradley Cooper (pre-Hangover), among others, the movie pokes fun at 80’s teen summer camp comedies in the best way possible. 

Now, the unstoppable force that is Netflix is bringing back the cast (along with some great additions) for one of its original series, and the trailer is enough to make any fan of the movie giddy as hell: 

I’m especially psyched to see Don Draper (okay, okay, Jon Hamm) and the amazing H. Jon Benjamin (of Home Movies and the–in my opinion lesser, Archer) joining Molly Shannon, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, et al for what will hopefully/surely be one of Netflix’s best comedies yet.

The laughs begin July 31st.


‘No Seasons’ Is Everything We Love To Hate About Miami

It’s almost impossible to find realistic depictions of life in Miami. Movies like Miami Vice (the remake of the 80s show), Bad Boys, and Pain & Gain tend to show the glamour and grit of South Beach–often in a fairly exaggerative manner. But what about the rest of the city? What about everyone who lives on the main land; who grew up eating abuela’s arroz y frijoles, who frequented the local Navarro and the little bodegitas, bought their Halloween costume at La Casa de Los Trucos, or drank beers in the double-decker bus in front of Churchill’s (before the city removed it)? Or more succinctly, what about everyone who made the Wynwood their regular hangout, who had crazy birthday parties complete with every fulanito de tal jumping into the bounce house, who hit the bonfires out in the Everglades or got laid at the Executive Airport Hotel? 

Cue No Seasons, a show about a local screw-up and his adventures in the Magic City. Or at least, his supposed adventures. In true Miami fashion, Julian (the star and narrator) is a pretty shady character, and as the episodes progress, you realize he may not be telling the whole truth about his rather tall tales. 

Still, his stories more closely resemble those of my own life as an early twenty-something nobody bent on self destruction, and they do paint a more accurate picture of the bizarre things that happen in the 305. And while Julian is undoubtedly an anti-hero in every sense of the word (the character is an entitled high school drop-out who can’t maintain a relationship, doesn’t appear to have a job, has sketchy friends, and still lives with his mother), I can’t help but enjoy the absurdity of the show. 

If you’re from Miami, you might feel the same way. And if you’re not, enjoy the train wreck…but don’t judge us too harshly. We’re just an odd bunch, a conglomeration of people fueled by Cuban coffee, never-ending traffic, and way too much sun.

20 Things We’d Rather See on Game of Thrones Than More Rape

Spoiler Alert: Discussions of last week’s episode, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” and everything prior to that.

It’s Sunday, the day of rest for some and for the rest of us, the day of more Game of Thrones. And while many of us are excited (as always) to find out what’s happening with our beloved Starks (or what’s left of them) and our less beloved Lannisters (except of course for Tyrion because he’s a badass), there is one thing I think many of us are hoping to avoid: yet another rape scene.

After last week’s unfortunate rape of the long suffering Sansa Stark by the disgusting monster known as Ramsay Bolton, the Internet was pretty pissed. And rightfully so. While I have not read the books myself, I have found out from those who have that Sansa’s rape never even happened (granted, there was actually another character who was tortured in her stead,  but that’s another matter). 

In fact, some GoT readers claim that many of the other rapes on the show (that are forever seared into our brains due to the graphic and uncomfortable nature of these scenes) never even happened in the books.

The argument here isn’t even entirely against depictions of rape (though mainly, yes) but the way in which said rape is depicted. Sansa marrying Ramsay–well, I think we all imagined she would indeed be raped and put through various tortures, especially after all the awful scenes with Theon/Reek (scenes which I also believed were well over-the-top and unnecessarily graphic). Regardless, by now I think we all know how grotesque Ramsay is. Why the need to leave us all feeling even more gutted by showing the debasement of an already suffering Stansa? Anyway, I’ll leave that one for other critics to keep mulling over.

I don’t intend to stop watching the show or writing about it (it still has some of the most well-written and complex female characters out there and I can’t give up until I see winter finally show up). Instead, I’ll simply write this list of all the awesome things we’d probably all much rather see than Sansa getting raped again (cause seriously, we JUST saw it happen so I’m begging you not to show it again this episode). 

Here are twenty (not one, not five, but TWENTY) things we’d all rather see than another horrible, graphic rape on the show: 

  1. Arya Becoming Someone Else: As was hinted in the last episode. So psyched for this.   Perhaps this is what was meant, though?
  2. Tyrion Finally Getting Some Wine: The poor guy has been through enough being held under wraps, then captured, then almost killed by Stonemen, and now captured again. Give this man a drink!
  3. Tommen Finally Growing A Pair: Seriously, I don’t know if it happens in the books but if Tommen doesn’t start acting like a King soon, I’m going to lose my shit.
  4. Jon Snow Being a Badass: He’s got it in him but only brings it out on special occasions. More of those, please.
  5. Brienne Kicking Some Ass En Route To Winterfell: Brienne is seriously one of my favorites and I love her more with every scene she’s in.
  6. More Gilly and Sam: They’re just cute together. 
  7. Danearys Releasing Her Dragons: !!!!!!!
  8. More Funny Conversations Between Brienne and Pod: This duo is the best. More so than Jamie and Bronn.
  9. Someone Else Tells Jon Snow He Knows Nothing   
  10. Jon Snow Finds Out His Siblings Are Alive: I forget which ones he’s heard about and which he doesn’t but in my heart I am hoping he finds a way to be reunited with them eventually.
  11. Another White Walker appearance: They gotta be out there still, don’t they?   
  12. Speaking Of Which, What About That White Walker Baby From Last Season?!
  13. Jorah Uses His Newly Infected Status To Turn His Captors Into Stonemen As Well
  14. But Also, Jorah Finds A Cure So He Doesn’t Become A Stoneman: Please?  
  15. Margery And Cersei Duke It Out: Seriously, someone needs to take down Cersei already.
  16. Something More Interesting Happening In Dorne: This subplot is kind of a snore. Was hoping for more out of Ellaria and Oberyn’s daughters seeking revenge but looks like they already put a pin in that one.
  17. Hodor!!!!!: I know he won’t be on this season but I miss that entire story arc. Mostly Hodor.
  18. Danaerys Gets Revenge And Destroys the Sons of the Harpy   She’s been too soft this seas one. We need the old Khaleesi stat.
  19. Stannis Finally Taking Down The Boltons: This has to happen, if only for Sansa’s sake.
  20. Finally Finding Out The Identity of Jon Snow’s Mother: WHO IS SHE?!
  21. Winter Finally Comes: But I’m assuming that’s when the show will end.

How To Survive Life After Mad Men

Last night, many of us bid adieu to some of our favorite imaginary friends: the cast of Mad Men.


It was a bittersweet ending, filled with sad goodbyes, surprising new couples, pleasantly unexpected plot twists, and a semi-ambiguous ending (spoiler alert: he totally came back and did Coca-Cola, you guys–and if one Twitter user is right, Joan directed the commercial). Even better, there were no (on-screen) deaths and no rapes (I’m looking at you disapprovingly, Game of Thrones)!

By the end of the episode, many of you were probably pretty sauced (it was a long marathon, so I get that some were on a bender since Wednesday), and afterward were left wondering: Well, now what?

It’s okay, y’all. There is life after Mad Men. If you’re wondering how to make it through the next 2…5…50 years of your life (as you wait anxiously for another 1960s revival to occur), here are a few things that’ll keep you sane.

Build Your Home/Office Bar

Ever since I started watching Mad Men, I have dreamt of becoming a pro at mixing classy cocktails and only purchasing quality scotch/bourbon/gin/vodka/etc. I even went through a phase of only ordering Manhattans at bars. Buy yourself a copy of The Ultimate Bar Book, hit up a Total Wine, thrift yourself some sweet bar furniture and make your Draper Household dreams come true.


Conversely, just learn how to order classy drinks and hit the bar with your BFF.

Follow The Careers Of The Cast

I know, I know. It’s not Don and Peggy and Joan and Roger, etc. But the actors that brought these amazing characters to life will play other roles soon enough.

Check it out:

Don-er I mean, Jon Hamm is going to be in the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer television series! Wait, what?!? Okay, just finding that out now already made me feel a bit better about not seeing Draper fall in bed with another girl.


Elisabeth Moss (a.k.a. Peggy) has two new movies coming out this year: Truth (about Dan Rather) and High Rise (with Jeremy Irons). Not to mention you can watch her be brilliant on Top of the Lake or in the quirky and bizarre movie The One I Love, if you’ve got Netflix Instant Watch, anyway.

Vincent Kartheiser will be channeling his inner Pete Campbell for his role in The Blunderer, about an architect who gets tangled up in an unsolved murder in the 1960s. The exceedingly handsome Patrick Wilson will be joining him, and that guy always knows how to pick roles.

And if you need more, just hit up the ol’ IMDB and look up your favorite cast members.

Write (Or Seek Out) Some Fan-Fiction

The internet is already ablaze with ideas for Mad Men spin-offs (which, let’s face it, won’t happen beyond poorly written fan fiction posted on old Livejournal pages).

You get the idea.

Learn How To Perfect Those Sweet 60s Looks

Wondering how to look as stylish as late-60s Peggy? Hit up Pinterest! Or if Joan’s look is more your style, this sweet Tumblr page has a bunch of images to Hollowayesque outfits, complete with links to their ModCloth shop pages. And if you want to reminisce about Don’s look, GQ has you covered with a slideshow of everything Don ever wore. Seriously, though. Who wouldn’t want to revamp their closet with these threads?

Mad Men_1_0

Betty Draper will always look good. Even in six months to a year. 😥

And if all else fails…Netflix has almost every episode of Mad Men on Instant Watch, where you can relive the time that guy’s foot got run over by the lawn mower at Sterling-Cooper and the time Betty started shooting her gun outside while wearing her nightgown and the time Peggy found out she was pregnant (and subsequently had a baby) and the first truly poetic and amazing speech by Don (The Carousel) and the best scenes between Peggy and Don (The Suitcase) and and and…you get the picture.

How will you fill this new void? Game of Thrones? Orange Is The New Black? By actually going out and getting a job as an accounts man or copywriter? By giving up smoking (please, PLEASE if you’re still smoking, learn something from the loss of Betty and quit…says the woman telling you to start your home bar)? Let me know in the comments.

Review: Mad Men “New Business”

Review: Mad Men “New Business”

The second episode of this half-season closed the book on the Mad Men chapter known as Don and Megan. Truth be told, I didn’t even find their story line all that interesting this time around, which is a little sad since I’m guessing we won’t be seeing her again. Because really, once your ex gives you a million-dollar check, why would you come back?

Instead, the episode’s most notable characters were the distinctly sad waitress, Diana, and the exceedingly cool photographer, Pima, played by Mimi Rogers.

First up: Diana.

Don’s fixation on Diana, which was spurred by the loss of Rachel Menken Katz, which wasn’t really his loss since he hadn’t seen her in, oh, 6 years or so, continues in this episode.

As usual, Don can’t be by himself and he seeks solace in Diana, seeking her out in stalker-lite fashion and then bringing her over to his place for a bit of his usual shenanigans. But we quickly find that Diana isn’t exactly interested in a romantic interlude with Don and that she herself is in search of escape from her own pain–namely, the loss of her daughter to the flu two years prior. While Don certainly feels for her pain, you can already tell this isn’t going to work out.

don diana

In one amusing scene, Don and Diana both get in the elevator of his condo and run into none other than Arnold and Sylvia Rosen. You’ll remember Sylvia (played by Linda Cardellini) as the neighbor he was having an affair with that brought out some of the ugliest sides of Don ever. As the Rosens step out, Diana quickly asks,

“How many girls have you had in this elevator?”

To which Don lies, “That’s not who that was.”

don sylvia

Why Don can’t ever just be real about who he is and what he does, well…perhaps then there wouldn’t be a show.

We don’t see Diana again until the final scene, where Don goes to meet her at her apartment and we find her sad (surprise!) and drinking. Here, she confesses she actually had two daughters, the one that died, and another she left behind with her husband. She then confesses to Don that he made her momentarily forget her other daughter–a feeling she did not want to repeat. And just like that, Don is on his own again.


The other interesting story line involved Pima, the photographer Peggy hired for one of their campaigns. Stan is obviously threatened by Pima from the get-go, arguing that Peggy really had to reach to find a female photographer, and acting like a basic jerk when he finally does meet her. But the self-assured Pima doesn’t give a damn, of course. After Peggy apologizes for Stan’s behavior, Pima replies,

“Men like him don’t bother me…and they shouldn’t bother you, either.”

This is a great bit of wisdom that Peggy surprisingly still needs to hear, for no matter how long she’s been at the business, she continues to allow Stan and others to get to her from time to time.

Pima is definitely not at all like Peggy. She’s got her own set of rules, including bringing Stan’s ego down a few notches and then seducing him in the dark room. Why? Probably just because she can.

And just a few moments later, she even lightly comes on to Peggy, who quickly freezes up and, to be honest, disappointingly, doesn’t reciprocate. Really now, who doesn’t totally miss Peggy’s great lesbian friendship with Shoshanna-er, Joyce (played by Girls’ Zosia Mamet) on the show?


When all is said and done, and Stan boasts about his romp with Pima, Peggy seems surprised and upset by the whole thing (once again, letting Stan get to her). The only way she feels she can get the power back is by letting him know that Pima came on to her as well, a fact that Stan doesn’t much appreciate, either.

The episode ends with Don returning to his apartment to find that Megan (or rather, Megan’s mother) has taken everything he owned–a good set up for the next episode.

Review: Mad Men: “Severance”

While last year’s half-season of Mad Men moved, at times, at a snail’s pace, tonight’s premiere delivered the kind of dialogue and story lines that got most of us hooked back in Season 1 Episode 1. The start of the episode has Don being his old self, ordering around a beautiful woman auditioning for an ad for pantyhose. She’s dressed in little more than a mink coat and as she does her routine, he gazes at her from afar, smoking his cigarette and having a drink, in typical old Don fashion.

Not long after, we find him with Roger and a few women (possibly other audition models?) at a diner, sweaty and drunk, chatting about his former life, growing up in a whorehouse (he doesn’t mention the whorehouse this time); and shortly after that, he’s home and lonely, on the phone with his answering service which he uses to keep track of his flings. Don’s on the verge of his second divorce, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to spend one night alone with his thoughts (which were sure to haunt him soon since he was thinking about his childhood).


The real crux for Don in this episode, though, is the sobering return of his former mistress, Rachel Katz (formerly Rachel Menken). We find Don once again in the casting room, but this time the model is Rachel. Of course, we know he’s dreaming this time, and their interaction is brief, but potent.

“I’m supposed to tell you you’ve missed your flight,” she tells Don with a smile. The message is loaded with meaning, though entirely open to interpretation. Did he miss out on his only chance with Rachel? At having a new life with her? Has he missed out on other things, especially now as an obviously lonesome twice-divorced ad man who in previous episodes has been near total self-destruction? Is he beyond redemption?

Soon after, we learn from Don’s secretary that Rachel has died and it’s obvious that Don will never find out now what he missed out on. He decides to drop in at her shiva and briefly speaks with Rachel’s sister. It’s clear that Rachel spoke of Don to her sister and that the effect he had on her was anything but pleasant. At one point, Don mentions his first divorce and the sister asks if he left his wife for this one, to which he replies that he didn’t. Don is visibly shaken by Rachel’s death and we see it in his eyes during his entire interaction with the sister. Rachel’s sister asks Don what he wants but the truth is he’s getting no answers, no compassion, nothing but his final severance from a relationship he may have been holding on to this whole time.

Don returns to the diner from the beginning of the episode and seeks out a waitress that he now associates with Rachel (slightly similar in appearance but nothing more). After they have a quickie in the alley (prompted by an earlier $100 tip she’d gotten and assumed was for more than just coffee), he divulges his reason for even returning: the dream about and subsequent loss of Rachel. The waitress tells him that sometimes things get mixed up when someone dies. She also tells him that maybe he’d been dreaming about Rachel all along.


Meanwhile, Peggy and Joan deal with even more misogyny than usual this episode. The pair have a meeting with a few of the guys from McCann-Erickson and it reminded me of the diatribe from the pilot episode when Peggy is new in the office and dealing with the sexist remarks from some of the male staff, many of whom she would later end up calling her peers. While the guys at the meeting make off hand remarks about legs spreading all over the world (regarding the pantyhose market), most of the remarks are pointed at Joan.

“Would you be able to tell him what’s so special about your panties?” one of them asks, looking right at Joan. Joan shifts in her chair and tries to sit tall without breaking into a rage. Peggy works defense and it seems she’s better at deflecting the attacks, possibly because they aren’t as targeted at her.

The line is ultimately and unforgivably crossed when another guy flat out asks Joan why she isn’t in the brassiere business. It points to the fact that no matter how high in the chain of command Joan gets, her physical attributes are the only thing these men notice and they’re quick to let her know it too. Joan deflects by trying to discuss the numbers and the scene ends.

When Joan and Peggy find themselves in an elevator after the meeting, their interaction is laced with the venom that was meant for the McCann-Erickson guys. Peggy starts out by trying to be a sympathetic ear, much like she did in the first season, but Joan isn’t having it. This in turn brings out the resentment from Peggy, and she deals a low blow and tries to slut-shame Joan.

“You can’t have it both ways. You cant dress the way you do…”

Joan quickly shuts her up and tells her she wouldn’t possibly know what it’s like to be Joan because she doesn’t look like Joan. And if you’ve watched the show from the start, you know the struggles of the two women have been entirely different. Peggy’s disadvantage has always been not being taken seriously. In season 1, she’s still looked upon as a little virgin girl, a point that Joan informs her of right away, in a catty advice session. In later seasons, we see how much Joan envies the way Peggy has demanded respect by being the best at her job, and how Joan will never be given this opportunity because she stands out too much.

Meanwhile, you’ve got Peggy envying some of the flack that Joan gets because of her looks because it’s rarely ever been about looks for Peggy. With this short slut-shaming sentence, Peggy tries to justify the men’s behavior because in part, she doesn’t seem to view it as the worst thing. Worse still is when she retorts that Joan is filthy rich, unaware of the cost of Joan’s current fortune. Both women then react in different ways to the situation: Joan by purchasing even more clothing that she loves because she refuses to compromise herself to “fit in with the guys”, and Peggy by going on a blind date in the hopes of being wanted for more than her talents.

Other great things about this episode include those crazy new mustaches, the way Ken sticks it to Pete and Roger by leaving his own severance package behind and informing them that they’ll have to start impressing him thanks to his new position as Head of Advertising for one of their major clients, and that awesomely casual “binders full of women” reference halfway through the episode.

With only 5 episodes left, I can only imagine the writers will try to stick as much story in as possible. Stay tuned.

7 Awesome Things About Tonight’s Episode of Parks and Rec

Filibusterin’, Rollerskatin’, Bad-Ass Councilwoman Leslie Knope

There are many reasons to love tonight’s Parks & Rec episodes just like there are reasons to basically love EVERY Parks & Rec episode. If you’ve never watched the show before, I suggest hopping on your Netflix (or your girlfriend’s Netflix, or your dad’s Netflix, or your roommates Netflix—I know you know someone with a Netflix account, don’t deny it) and marathon watching the first 90 episodes, and then Googling “Watch Parks & Rec online free” to see the rest. However, if you’re like me and maybe life got in the way, it’s okay! See, one of the great things about this show is not only its essence of greatness, but also the fact that while there is a story line going on, you can pretty much jump into any episode and still find it pretty damn funny.

I must admit, I’m a little behind on the show (I basically got up to the point where *SPOILER ALERT* Leslie and Ben got engaged), but I found myself on the couch with a post-Jeopardy TV-watching high and couldn’t resist back to back Parks. And I’m glad I put it on, because it’s still awesome. So much so that I compiled a short list of all the different awesome things about these two episodes combined:

1. Early 90’s themed birthday party for Ben: As someone who’s always had a soft spot for themed birthday parties, and also a soft spot for the early 90’s (truly one of the best eras, amIright?), this was a double-whammy. Kudos to Leslie for planning this out for Ben. Marriage, Leslie, you’re doing it right.

2. Ben’s reaction to someone having Monster but NOT Automatic for the People: Seriously. Lots of REM love here, and Automatic may be one of their best if not their best (I grew up with Out of Time, though, so I may be a little biased). Anyway, if you’ve never heard Automatic for the People, listen to it below. Cause yeah, it’s awesome. Just like this list and this show.

3. Leslie’s rockin filibuster: Wherein City Councilwoman Leslie Knope invokes the powers of great ladies like Wendy Davis in an awesome filibuster and pours Margarita mix over one douche bag’s head by the end of it.

4. Tom dressed up like Kriss Kross at the party: Cause if he was going to be anyone from the early 90’s…

5. Leslie and Ben dressed up like Wesley and Princess Buttercup from the Princess Bride: At first I thought Ben was dressed up like Zorro, but John made the connection for me and I couldn’t help but let out a big ol, “Awwwwww!!!” Who doesn’t love The Princess Bride?  Just look at them!


6. Leslie’s incredible tattoo idea: At one point, Leslie and Ben end up almost getting prison-style tattoos inside a Pawn Shop. Leslie’s idea for a tatt? A small and tasteful portrait of Eleanore Roosevelt who has a small and tasteful tattoo of Joan Jett. Oh, Leslie. Can I be as cool as you ever?

7. Ron’s reaction to his chair becoming a “trend”: That lifestyle coach woman and her Bloosh website were the epitome of everything that is wrong in the world. Good on Ron for not selling out his work, even though it could’ve made him tons of money.

And I’m sure there were plenty of other awesome things in these two episodes, but I was too busy freaking out about all the things I’ve missed since I last left the show (Andy’s not in Pawnee anymore? Chris and Ann back together? And Ann is pregnant!? What the what? And why the hell is everyone calling Gerry/Jerry Larry now?) More incentive to get caught up, anyway.

What did you love about tonight’s episode?